Saturday, February 28, 2009


Today, cameras are so commonly found that we may tend to take them for granted. The cameras that used to cost a bomb, cost nearly a fraction of its cost now, because digital cameras are in vogue. Almost everyone has a camera. In fact, I had one too many when Starhub also gave me a Sony digital camera as a gift during their promotion. Hence, I decided to bless my second brother with the camera.

Now, it is so wonderful to download photos in the computer. They will never become old and jaded.

I love to look at photos of babies, and when I come across some cute babies and children, I will ask for permission to take their photos. As we were quite poor, I only started having photos taken of myself when I was eight years old. Hence, I never quite know what I must have looked like when I was a baby. I remember having asked papa if I looked like some babies we met along the way.

Perhaps, the lucky one is my second sister, Ean Ean, for she had a baby photo. She looked so chubby and lovable. I was told that she was a lucky baby for after she was born, papa struck lottery a couple of times. Mama said I was an unlucky baby, for papa hardly struck lottery .....hence mama callled me a "peh ka tay" - meaning "unlucky one". "Peh ka tay" is also a nickname for the traffic police. Direct translation means, "sole of a white foot". I guess, it is the motorist's bad luck to come into contact with the traffic police. If only mama would know that I am now a very blessed person.....having won more than 200 lucky prizes all these years. ! Maybe it is not luck, but the principal of giving. The more we give and empty our bags and pockets, the more we have room to receive!

I am now past half a century years old, but I still have this habit of taking joy in playing with little babies and children. I would smile with the little ones and start talking to them.

There is this cute little baby boy at my block. The first time I saw him, he immediately burst into a huge smile. His name is Linus and the maid who looks after him loves him very much for he is a happy baby and is always smiling. When I come back after a hard day's work, all my aches and pain will diminish the moment I see the big smile on his cute little face.

If I were a photographer or artist, I guess I will choose babies and children to be my subject.
Children - they are God's gift to the world.!

Gan Chau

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