Sunday, March 01, 2009

A Daughter's Request

I had gone to the Singapore Girls Home to visit and observe a public workshop conducted by my friend, Geok Cheng, who is a volunteer. She helps the girls in her class to improve in their writing and speaking. A very dedicated and meticulous teacher, she tailors activities to suit the girls' learning style. She motivates them by giving them recognition in their progress. Certainly a lady who understands the feelings of her charge.

As the group is quite small, my friend can manage the class quite well. She is very innovative and creative and makes the class one that is lively and interesting so that no one will have the chance to fall asleep. Most importantly the girls have warmed up to her and taken her into their confidence.

During my visit, I was surprised when I met the girls. They look like your ordinary-nice-girl next-door-type. Some even look very demure. A few speak very well and all the girls show enthusiasm and perseverance to keep on improving. When I look at these girls, I wonder how they could have ended up in the Home.

I am annoyed with their parents for having failed them. No child asks to be born. Of course, there are reasons that perhaps may contribute to the way relationship turns out between children and parents. If parents want to have children, the onus is on them to bring up their children to the best of their ability.

The onus is on the parents to provide proper and adequate nurturing so that their children could have a decent life.....or at least a fair chance in life. I would not blame the parents if they were poor or less educated. In fact I have known of many wonderful fathers and mothers, who despite their lack of education and wealth, have brought up happy and successful children. My parents are a good example.

Yet, in sharp contrast, there are parents who are well-educated and excellent providers of material comfort, but have little time for their children. I remember a student who was put in a Boys' Home. When his parents visited him, they told him that they had bought him a Rolex watch for his birthday. "I don't want materials, mum and dad....dont' you understand? I want your time and attention. You're both always in the office making tons of money..... I feel so lonely."

When I watch my favourite program, "Animal Planet" on television, I wonder how some species of animals could be so fiercely protective of their young as opposed to some homo sapiens who leave their children to their own devices. It makes me annoyed that we, who are the highest of God's creation, could lose out to our lesser creatures when it comes to raising our offsprings!

My friend recently sent me an email which touched my heart. I would be able to visit the Home more regularly once I complete an ongoing project. Perhaps more counselling and classes should be provided to potential parents so that they can become more effective in their parenting skills. Recently I received an email from Geok Cheng which reads,

"Hi Choo Choo,

First, two of the girls from Singapore Girls Home wrote in their journal praising
your speaking skills.

Secondly, today I attended the Singapore Girls' Home Family Day.It was very well organised and fun for all.
I want to share with you the winning song composed by one of the girls:
The words brought tears to my eyes.


I'm sitting here all by myself
Without you guys to console me
I certainly do regret
For all the things I've done in the past

Mummy come and hug me
I need your love to breathe
Daddy, oh don't you leave me
I'm all alone right here

Thinking 'bout you every night and day
Forgive me for all the sins I've made
All I ask was just to be together
Just like one big happy family

It's not the freedom that I want
I want my family
I hope this song will make you realise the lack of love
That I have in my heart
That could only be filled
By the love of family"


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Choo!

Wow you volunteer at Singapore Girls' Home? That's nice to hear. What do you do there?


The Oriental Express said...

Hi Dr. Barry,

Nice to hear from you despite your very tight schedules.

Helped Geok Cheng to present speeches and language evaluation. Present speeches to give the girls an idea of what projects 1 to 3 are like. This is the same as in Changi Prison speechcraft.

Work hard but take care of health,