Thursday, March 12, 2009

An Inspiring Lady

Christine Soh, with her poise, could be mistaken for a young lady!
Christine with her course mates in ballet

Mr. Yu Shu Huai, dance choreographer, instructing Christine on the finer points of ballet

I met Christine Soh when we were called upon for group photography and interview by Eddino Abdul Hadi, a journalist with the Straits Times, at the People's Association Headquarters.

I was impressed with her slim frame. Many a younger lady,would be full of envy of Christine's toned and slim body. Best of all, Christine is humble and friendly.

I take my hat off to Christine for learning ballet at her age of 52! She is graceful and talented. She also has a delightful sense of humour when she said, "If you look at my back, you would think I am a 16 year old girl!

A gentle lady who exudes so much warmth, she is ever eager to learn. She is excellent in craft work and teaches needlework and patchwork at various community centres. She was so appreciative when I visited her at her dance class so that I could snap more shots of her. Christine invited me to have lunch with her after her class and we chatted and laughed even as we were eating!

Life is made more beautiful when we meet people who are lovely, warm and gracious.

Gan Chau

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