Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sayonara! Goodbye!

The lovely students from Himeji Dokkyo University.
They are lively and trendy!
Itsuka, one of my most active participants in class.

The students love cartoons!

Interacting with some students from the Military in Indonesia
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The nine day course was enjoyable. It is quite challenging to communicate with the students from Himeji Dokkyo University as I do not know enough Japanese to carry on a conversation.
The majority of the students are lively and they make the most of their stay here. It takes time to learn and master the English Language, and one needs to be tenacious.
On the 8th day of the course, I could see some improvement in the students. Most important is the awakening to the beauty and usefulness of the English Language. When one can speak and write in English, it opens up tremendous opportunities to communicate with diverse races.
On the second last day of the course, the students had the opportunity to interview the shop attendants, staff and students from other countries. RELC, being the Regional Centre for learning of English is a melting pot of diverse races from all over Asia. There are students from China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Korea.
It is wonderful to see everyone communicating in one common language - English. I am so glad and grateful that I had the opportunity to study English in Malaysia, and have mastered it well enough to help others to appreciate the beauty and usefulness of the language.

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