Sunday, March 01, 2009

30 Reasons to Lose Weight !

There are so many reasons for me to lose weight.

1) Healthier to be lighter than heavier. (The whole world knows that).

2) More economical to be healthier.....less medical fees and medication to pay for.

3) It is easier to walk through the narrow passage ways of crowded Tekka Market, Bugis Village and Mustafa Shopping Centre, just to quote a few places.

4) Save the earth .....less material used to make clothes eg. less silk, less cotton, etc.

5) There are more clothes on sale for thinner than overweight people (Check out with stores like This Fashion).

6) Vehicles will use less petrol or gas if all the passengers are of ideal weight or lesser.

7) Seats in auditoriums, planes, buses, etc. are of standard size. Would not want to outfit them!!

8) If robbed, easier to run after the robber than an overweight person.

9) More agile when climbing a tree, especially when I see a tiger approaching!

10) If all the passengers in the plane are of ideal weight, perhaps the Airline will grant more excess baggage!

11) A broad person tends to block the view of the person sitting behind him.

12) I can bet the stage will not collapse when I stand on it!

13) Some public toilets and fitting rooms are incredibly small.! Will not want to out-size them!!

14) Will not occupy so much space when in a crowded bus or mrt.

15) Will provide better balance for my friends whenever I am a pillion rider on a bike!

16) It is lighter to walk up 18th flight of stairs should the lift break down!

17) Will not give those snooty, slimmer ladies a chance to disdain my bulkiness.

18) I prefer an oval-shaped face to one that is round like the moon!

19) If I were to take a sampan (small boat) and the sampan should sink, people would not blame me for my overweight!

20) If I were to sit on a stool, I would not want to have my flesh spilling out all over the edges!

21) If I were slimmer, I would use less shower gel, shampoo, facial wash and cream, etc.

22) In an emergency, the paramedics will find it lighter to carry me on a stretcher.

23) Should I go riding on a horse, camel or elephant, I would be less "cruel" if I were lighter.

24) When I climb a tree, the branches would be less likely to break!

25) Want to be kinder to my knees, legs and feet .....less weight for them to support me everyday.

26) Should I fall, at least I would fall more gracefully, instead of like Humpty Dumpty having a great fall!

27) Electronic phones and gadgets are getting smaller and smaller. Want to make sure that my finger tips do not outfit the tiny keys!

28) Should I appear on television, I would not look more gargantuan than I really am!

29) Would not want to give a man the chance to say, "Honey, I only married half of you ten years ago!"

30) Would not want my fingers to grow so fat that I have difficulties typing out this essay on my lap top!

My dear readers would have to pray hard for me. You might even have to pray harder as I have been trying to lose weight since time immemorial !

Losing weight is my one and only resolution this year! Pick yourself up again, Kam Choo Choo!
Yes, you can do it! Jia yiu! (Direction translation - add petrol!) Persevere ! Press on!

Gan Chau

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