Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Power of the Press

The Power of the Press. Article published in the Sunday Times on 7th March 2009

When the above article was published the power of the press dawned upon me.! Many of my friends sent me emails and sms that they had been encouraged by the above article. I am so glad that the three of us who were interviewed together, Winnie, Christine and I had been a source of encouragement for elderly people to take up music.

My teacher, Mr. Yan Yin Wing had received a few enquiries. A friend, Doris, is now also contemplating taking up the violin! Best of all, two of my students called me. A voice asked, "Miss Kam, do you remember me? I'm Li Ling, your ex-student from River Valley High.

" "You're Li Ling, the Tigress?" I asked, smiling. "Miss Kam, your memory is so good", the other voice replied.

I remember Li Ling. She was one of the most outstanding students in my class who was also known for her temper and "kiasuism." Li Ling strived to be the best. However, one fine day she woke up to the realisation that life was dry when one had to spend so much time and effort to seek worldly pleasures and success. That was when she turned her focus to more spiritual nurturing of the mind and soul, and I invited her to the church I was attending. It was lovely to see Li Ling a more relaxed yet happy and successful mother of two boys now. She also enjoys her career in Human Resources.

I still remember when Li Ling was at my church she noticed that I was particularly attentive to one student, Choon Mui. She asked why it was so as she remembered that Choon Mui was not one of my most outstanding during her years in secondary school. I remembered answering Li Ling that only the weak and feeble would need a doctor's guidance.....the healthier ones are able to stand on their own.

"So, have you been praying that God would put food on your table?" I asked Li Ling.

"Oh! No, I have 15 more years to go", Li Ling replied, obviously misunderstanding my question.

"Remember how you used to pray that God would give you a good man for a husband, but not one who is so spiritual that he always has to pray for food to be on the table.! He had provided you Daniel, a good and spiritual man who is also a good provider. "Wow, you remember so many details!", squealed Li Ling. As I had to rush off for my toastmasters meeting, I told Li Ling, we would communicate again shortly.

What a joy to be in contact again with one's ex-students, and to know that they are now doing well. As a teacher, I could only do so much; but the One above could do so much more, with His countenance shining upon my students. Even though I am no longer teaching my students I often remember them in my prayers. I thank God for endowing me with an elephant memory!

All glory and praises to the Almighty One!

Gan Chau

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