Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A Great Sunday Afternoon!

Soh Wah - the proud and doting mother, listening to her sons' rendition of Gavotte by F.J. Gossec

Singapore's well-known composer, Phoon Yew Tien, in quiet contemplation.

"Oh! Should I add more salt?" Phoon Yi wonders.

"We did it! Look at our lovely spaghetti marinara bianco! (Spaghetti seafood in white wine).

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Good friends are very precious. I count myself very blessed with having 3 best friends. My toastmaster friend, Ng Cher Khim, once asked me how many best friends I have and he thought a best friend should be only one. The truth is these 3 friends are equally dear and precious to me so they have to be in the same category of superlatives. If any of my best friends need blood or organs, eg. kidney, liver, I would certainly want to donate to her.

One of my best friends is Soh Wah. She is a dynamic lady and truly a lady of substance. I do not really know how she can cope with so many activities in a day. She wears many hats.

Last Sunday afternoon, Soh Wah picked me up after her church service. I went to her lovely home to show her boys how to make spaghetti seafood in white wine sauce. Her elder son, Phoon Yu, particularly likes this dish which I had served when I was operating Rialto. He has been wanting to learn and since he is also a very busy boy, and I am equally busy, we finally managed to arrange a conducive day.

The boys had a hands on when they whipped up a plate for their father. Quite good for a first timer. Soh Wah believes in an all round education for her sons. She wants them to improve in their independence so that when they go overseas for their tertiary they can take good care of themselves.

We also played the violin and piano together. Both her two boys can play more than one instrument, with Phoon Yu concentrating on the piano and Phoon Yi on the violin.

Good food and good music! What more does anybody want from a great Sunday afternoon. ?

Somehow food always tastes better and music always sounds better when we are in the right company of friends. If music be the food of love, play on! If food be the music of love, carry on savouring!

Gan Chau

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