Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Thank God for Little "Banana" Fingers!

A bunch of my favourite bananas which cost only 50 cents

"Oh! No! These small bananas are even slightly longer than my fingers!"

"Mirror, mirror on the wall!"

Mama Mia! My little finger is even shorter than the shortest banana in the bunch!

I was overwhelmed when my eldest brother's friend, Phoon Yew Tien brought one of his violin collections and gave it to me as a present. As a new learner I felt I did not deserve such a good violin. Yew Tien's belief in me goaded me on to try to learn the new instrument. It is amazing how belief in a person has so much power and motivation.

When I tried to play with my little fingers I began to realise the disadvantage I was experiencing great difficulties due to the shortness. In fact, I often think my fingers resemble a bunch of small, little bananas. Hence, when I bought a bunch of bananas for 50 cents from the fruit vendor in Little India, I decided to measure my fingers against the fruit. I always have the inclination to buy cheap things. The same bunch of bananas would probably cost $1.20 in the supermarket.

To my surprise, my fingers are even shorter than the bananas! My teacher, Mr. Yan, had suggested that I could try playing with a three-quarter size violin since my fingers are short, but I want to do justice to the lovely gift to me. Moreover a three quarter size violin will not produce the same richness of sound as a full size violin.

I am constantly reminded of people born without limbs or stunted limbs - eg. Nick Vujicic and Lena Maria, just to name a few. Yet, they are never daunted by difficulties or obstacles in life. Hence, I am filled with a dogged determination to improve in my violin playing, and to play as well as those with long fingers. I love the violin, and when I hear a beautifully played piece, I will be moved to tears.

Thank God for little "banana" fingers anyway! Let me make the most of them.
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Marilyn B said...

I, too, have short, little fingers. Even petite girls with tiny hands, tiny fingers, tiny arms have fingers longer than mine and I am 5'8" tall!

Also I love bananino, the tiny little bananas. I found your site by searching google for "tiny bananas."

Thanks for sharing your fingers and bananino!