Friday, March 20, 2009

The "Intelligent Doors" of the MRT

The sign that shows you where the doors are being opened in the mrt
Once I read about special doors being installed in the mrt. Doors that show commuters which side of the train is being utilised for them to get out of the train. Hence, you can imagine my excitement when I came across the above sign in the train, and hence took a photo of it. Some of you may wonder why I seem to be excited over small things such as mrt doors!
You see, sometimes, I am quite absent minded. A few times, I had waited for the doors to open, only to realise that the one I was facing, was not going to say, "Open Sesame!" Hence, it was sometimes quite a feat to "wade" through the congested train to get out in time, because the doors were on the opposite side!
The above installation would definitely alert me to the right opening doors. I often like to read or dream. Sometimes I am so engrossed in my reading or dreaming that I miss my stops! Once I fell into a deep slumber and reached the end of the line at Pasir Ris, missing my destination at Paya Lebar!
However, since the day I took the photo of the above sign, I have not yet seen another one! What happened? Is the MRT authority waiting for the current trains to get older before new ones with the above sign are being replaced. I would not mind at all, as it would mean good stewardship.
At the end of the day, whether we have "intelligent doors or not", I should be intelligent enough not to end up reading, dreaming or sleeping in the train! I should in fact, be like the lady and man in the video clip, who are ever so alert to help make the MRT safe and sound. Remember? They are the ones who spot a terrorist behaving suspiciously and leaving his black bag under his seat.
May God bless every commuter in the mrt and buses with safe and blessed rides.
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