Thursday, March 05, 2009

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Yu, introducing herself at the Orientation. Looking on is Mr. Alvin Pang, co-ordinator of the course at RELC.

Kaito, posing like Sir Stamford Raffles

Getting ready for our walk along Orchard Road

One for your album! Posing outside of the Thai Embassy! From left to right: Yu, Kenta, Itsuka, Kaito, Kana, Oka and Taiki.

From the photos of the students, readers can tell that they are a fun loving and lively lot. Mr. Alvin Pang, the excellent course co-ordinator broke the ice by asking everyone in the room to introduce themselves. Many of the students who take up languages often show a tendency to want to try their hands on teaching.

After the orientation, we had an introduction to the history and culture of Singapore. The class was also divided into three groups, with each group doing a project to reflect on the culture of Singapore.

The later part of the afternoon was an exercusion to the city via....BMW! (Bus, mrt, walking). We walked from RELC to Takashimaya at Orchard Road. The weather was hot and humid, and the students were utterly exhausted by the heat. Each time they entered an airconditioned building, they would squeal with delight.

It really warms my heart when I see people from other countries learning more about our country and all there is to learn about the differences in races and languagues. It is a neat arrangement as the students from overseas live and study in the same building. Part of the building is used for hotel facilities. The students are able to use the computer rooms and library during the period of their courses. Hence, it is interesting to meet people of diverse nationalities in RELC.

Indeed, our Minister Mentor was foresighted to see the need of a centre for learning English so that people from all over the region could come to Singapore to be trained. When people are able to communicate well in one common language, it helps to foster good relationship and understanding.

I hope all the students from Himeji Dokkyo University will have a great time during their one week course in Singapore.

Gan Chau

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