Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Vanity Fare!

I had gone to the S.A.M. machine to pay some bills. As it had started to drizzle earlier on, I decided to walk through the passageway of the Little India Mrt. I noticed an elegantly dressed lady walking infront of me. She was quite tall....about 1.69 metres, and seemed to be in a hurry as she was walking quite briskly, though perhaps with exaggerated movements.

Then I realised the reason for her less than elegant footsteps. She was wearing a pair of shoes with stiletto heels of about 4 inches! Her feet were literally tilted at 45 degrees. There was only a tiny strap across the foot and I wonder how anyone could possibly balance herself with such atrocities of skimpiness and thinness of heels!

"Why must she wear such high heels?" I wondered to myself. "She is already so tall."

Just then, as we were reaching the " E " Exit of the Station, I saw a Caucasian man waving to her. She hastened her steps and almost rushed into the arms of the Caucasian man, who gave her a kiss. Only then did I realise the reason for her high heels albeit her towering height. The Caucasian man must be about almost 2 metres tall. He still towered over his tall girlfriend.

Oh! Vanity fare! The extent some ladies would go to so as to appear more compatible with their partners regardless of the price they had to pay for distorted and contorted bones, etc.

Foot reflexologists would have you know that the feet and legs are very crucial to a person. This is why now people are visiting foot reflexologists. This is also why many ladies are now paying a heavy price for those years of vanity during their youths.

Please give me a pair of shoes with low heels or even no heels. At 1.5 metres I am quite contented. At least I am taller than someone who is 1.49 metres. It is quite assuring to have to look up to others lah. It certainly gives me a warm, fuzzy-wuzzy feeling when I am with taller people.

Gan Chau

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The Oriental Express said...

Amen! I hate high heels. I always used to tell women I thought high heels were the Western equivalent of foot binding in ancient China. Admittedly less draconian, but still the same idea: women sacrifice their comfort, safety and health on the altar of some stupid, perverted idea of beauty or attractiveness. I could never understand why the feminists didn't go after high heels more vigorously.

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