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My Joy As A Property Agent !

Part of the bridal saloon where photos are taken. A room in a lovely three storey conservation shop
house at Race Course Road.

The spacious and lovely living room of a 2,100 sq. ft. unit in Clementi Park
belonging to Shahnaz, Chelsea, the Cocker Spaniel's owner.

What a lovely view from the window of an eight storey warehouse at Kallang Vicinity!

From the windows of a two bedroom apartment on the 49th storey of The Sail !
Photo was taken on a rainy day!

Sometimes I wonder if I should have bothered to do a degree in English and French, if I had known that one day, I would end up as a property agent, for after all, a property agent would only need to have an "O" level and a CEHA certificate.

I guess, there is always a purpose in all that have taken place in our lives. I would never have dreamt that I would end up as a property agent! For I have always loved to teach, and teaching is still my first love. Sales? Yucks! I hate selling and persuading people to buy! Hence, you can understand the anxiety and worries of my colleagues when they heard that I resigned from teaching, due to my constant problems with my throat, and that I was going to try my hands at selling properties! "Anyone looking at you would definitely think you are a matron or a school teacher! " said Jessie, one of my colleagues.

Looks aside, at the end of the day, sincerity, integrity and knowledge are very important traits. Integrity towards your clients and knowledge to advise them about the market and the purchases they are interested in.

I just love my job. Which job in the world will allow you to work from the comforts of your home. Since I am working at home, I could be dressed in my housecoat or in a pair of shorts with T-shirts or loose outfits! I only dress up when I have to go out of the home to meet clients. As I am someone who is in the habit of multi-tasking, I find it easier to do so at home. eg. I could be talking on the phone and stirring the pot; or I could be typing and listening to music at the same time. Sometimes I want to help prepare some food for a toastmasters meeting and when I am watching the television program, I would also be peeling the onions or ginkgo nuts at the same time.

Best of all, I love the aesthetics of my job which enables me to see so many beautiful designs of buildings. I have always loved architecture, but am not clever enough to pass my Mathematics examinations. Hence, the arty-farty side of me finds joy in being able to analyse buildings and designs. Once I helped a client to design the interior of her flat, and was joyous when her family and her were pleased with the outcome.

Once I was showing a client an eight storey warehouse, a lone and forlorn building in Kallang vicinity. After the viewing, I explored the area and was joyous to find so much beauty - there are lovely jogging tracks, white sandy beaches, coconut and palm trees and when you sit down, you could see wind surfers and motor boats and .......seagulls! This is now one of my favourite haunts. Best of all, I can even jog there from my apartment in Little India. If I had not been an agent, I guess I might not have discovered the sheer beauty of the place.

One of my clients used to live in a huge, conservation house in Tanglin vicinity. It was such a joy and pleasure to have a meal with my client and her family and to be served by her three maids. Best of all, I rejoice with my clients for their blessings and prosperity with never an envy in my heart. I feel like a bank teller counting all the huge stacks of money that do not belong to her, or it is like a construction worker building beautiful condominiums which would be beyond his reach to own. Nevertheless there is that quiet contentment and peace of accepting and knowing one's place in this world. Once my client commented, "Choo, your pearl earrings are beautiful!" "Oh, they cost me only 90 cents, Aunty Irene", I declared as a matter of fact. "Oh! You don't have to tell the price", Aunty Irene laughed. My clients often tell me they find my joy infectious. I guess my spontaneity speaks louder than whatever branded clothes or cosmetics that I could ever wear. Aunty Irene knows I often purchase clothes from the night market (pasar malam) and I only use cleansers and moisturisers! No lipstick or powder because they disappear as fast as they are being applied, for nothing seems to stick onto my shiny face in this hot, humid weather.

Everyday is an adventure to me for I do not know who I will meet. My clients come from all walks of life - from a High Court judge to a prisoner at Changi Prison, serving 14 years in jail and an actress from Media Corp to a food vendor. It is interesting to meet people and to understand where they are coming from, and to accord them the same sincerity, integrity and respect. I once reminded my somewhat arrogant millionaire client that my 3-room HDB owner is as important as her.
As we are commission-based, I can prioritise my work and take off anytime I wish to. When my relatives come a-visiting in Singapore, they take top priority over my time. Sometimes I take time off for volunteer work overseas. How wonderful not to have to worry that your leave application will not be approved!

So many agents want to use objects like luxurious cars, branded clothes and accessories to extend their personalities, but at the end of the day, if they do not have sincerity, integrity and knowledge, these accessories and outward show would just be like masks and would not sustain them in the market. In fact, most of the top agents in our company do not even drive. They are driven by their innate desire to serve, to advise and to be successful, and best of all, to truly enjoy their work.

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