Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Law of Nature - Give and Be Blessed!

My plants for cure of diabetes constantly in bloom! The more you cut, the faster the plants grow!

The leaves of rose cactus have a brilliant shine!

Found the name of my plants which help in the cure of cancer.
Ladies and Gentlemen.....presenting Pereskia Bleo or in
simple English, Rose Cactus!

Eldest sis called me up from Kuching, Sarawak, and spoke to me in excitement. "Choo, you know how wonderfully easy it is to grow "koo chye" or chives. The more I cut to give away, the faster the plants grow. You can pluck them and fry them with eggs....very delicious! It's amazing.....I have been harvesting them and giving them away, and they bloom just as fast and as abundantly. Really it is the law of nature - the more one gives; the more one receives!

How true! I have been giving away many of my plants but they still thrive and bloom. In fact I even tell my friends, neighbours and even the Ministry of Environment officer, to just help themselves to my plants even if I were not around. Once I experimented with my plants for diabetes. I put them in two big pots. For one pot, I always cut and give away the plants, but for the other, I just looked after it and watered it everyday. I did not cut the stems or give any of the leaves away. The plants gradually withered and died a premature death! On the other hand, the pot of plants which I used to cut and give away, continued to bloom so beautifully. I had to transfer the plants in a huge styro foam box. (See picture above).

How amazing! The more we give the more we receive for when we give away, we create more room in our pockets and in our lives to receive even more abundantly. We will not end up like the Dead Sea where nothing can grow or thrive, but we will end up like the Sea of Galilea which continues to remain fresh and abundant with fishes, for it gives out its water continuously.
Gan Chau

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