Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Love Penguins

I love penguins! They look like gentlemen in waistcoats!

Don't the penguins look cute and adorable?

A tough survivor !
My favourite programmes on television - Animal Planet, National Geographic and Discovery Channel. As I watch the television, I would also be doing some aerobic exercises at the same time.
One of my favourite creatures has to be the penguins. They look like gentlemen in waistcoats. In fact their black feather juxtaposed against their white, make them look like concert pianists getting ready to sit on the piano stool to perform on the piano!
I remember seeing some cute fairy penguins on Philip Island, near Melbourne. We had to wait for quite a while before the little creatures came out of the ocean. The timing had to be right....the day must not be too bright for easy visibility and it must be just the right timing for the penguins to come out of the sea and walk back to their abodes. There were many little "holes" all over the slightly hilly landscape and I was filled with awe as to how the penguins could remember their own little homes. It was amazing how the penguins would walk in an almost straight line, one behind each other. The moment the leader felt a fluttering in the air, all would quickly dash back into the ocean to seek coverage and protection!

When I learnt that penguins burn twice as much weight when they walk, I was so ooooooo envious! If this were true for homo sapiens, why, you would definitely see a slimmer Choo lah!
Nevertheless, thank God for His wonderful creation! Penguins always make me smile! It is alright that I have to walk twice their speed and distance to lose the same amount of weight!
Gan Chau

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