Sunday, March 29, 2009

When Less is Better.....

In a world where people often believe that more is always better, there are instances when less is better. I know of two instances when less is better.

I used to take panadols the moment I had a headache. However, when I read of the ill effects of panadol, I decided to reduce the intake. Whenever I had a headache, I would try to massage my head with tiger balm oil, and use acu-pressure. Taking a glass of coke with half a teaspoon of salt would also help to reduce the pain. However, this is not advisable for people with high blood pressure due to the salt intake.

Now I try to take more herbal drinks. I grow a plant with leaves that can be used to make tea. Once the leaves are dry, tea can be made. Only one tea leaf is sufficient for one big pot. This tea helps to reduce cholesterol and headaches.

Where less is better also applies to the use of cosmetics. I do not understand why some ladies like to smear so much cream and powder onto their face. They forget that the skin also needs to breathe. Hence, if we constantly clog the pores with cream and powder, the skin cannot breathe.
I like to wash the face and after rinsing it, to occasionally leave the face without applying any cream or moisturiser. Twice a week, I like to leave the face free of cosmetics. In the mornings, it is sufficient for me to just rinse the face with water. There is no necessity to use facial foam or cleanser. Cleanser is important when I come back from work.

One of the ladies I know is a grandmother of 15 grandchildren. Yet Aunty Siew still has a lovely and smooth complexion which she attributes to the use of Hazeline Snow! All she does is to wash her face once a day with facial cleanser and then apply her favourite Hazeline Snow. "Cheap and good! No need to buy so many types of expensive cosmetics!", declared Aunty Siew.

Always remember there are times when less is better......and this also includes less talk where words would not be necessary at all, and the less said, the better.!

Gan Chau

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