Friday, March 06, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Soul!

Wow! I was so thrilled and encouraged when one of my friends, Jennifer, told me that she enjoys reading my blog. She told me that she has made it a point to read my article after she has spent a little quiet time of prayer and praise. She always feels uplifted and encouraged after reading my articles as I am humorous and positive, with my never-say-die attitude. In brief, it is like chicken soup for the soul.

I started writing my blog due to the encouragement of my good friend, Yeow Choo, who enjoys reading my letters to her. She told me it was good to laugh as it provided some refreshment during stressful days in her work as a lawyer. She thought it would be a brilliant idea for me to share my writing with more people via blogging. Thanks to Yeow Choo, I now have over 1,000 articles in my blog which I started on 15th November 2005! Hooray!

I have a total of 12 nephews and nieces, and now my grand nieces and nephews are starting to read. My blog is my legacy to them which is why I do not bother with advertising in my blog. Hopefully, after I am gone, they will still be able to read about their grandparents, grand aunties and uncles, etc.

In fact, writing is a wonderful therapy for me and provides an outlet for all that is in my heart. It also makes me alive to events and everything that is happening around me. It also fulfills my heart's desire to write about what I have observed; in brief to be a "self-appointed" journalist for my blog! Coincidentally, some people have told me that I bear a slight resemblance to the well-known journalist, Toh Phaik Choo! I have not yet met her personally, but from her photos, I agree we do look somewhat alike, especially when I wear my glasses instead of contact lens.

Hence, if you see a rotund, cheerful lady with a digital camera, smiling and asking questions, say "Hi!" to her, because she could be Yours Truly, sniffing around for a lovely picture or article for The Oriental Express!

Gan Chau

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