Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Beloved Choon

My friendship with Choon extends for 42 years!

Choon, one of the most hospitable Singaporean ladies!

Choon's guests enjoying the lovely buffet spread of Nonya dishes

The proud grandmother with her son, Andrew, and grandson, Forrester
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Choon Lian (or Choon as she is affectionately called) has always been camera shy and it is not easy for me to take photos of her. However, when she invited me to her grandson's one month birthday gathering, I took the opportunity to snap some shots of her.
Choon is the daughter of my mother's friend. I met her some 42 years ago, when my parents and I visited my eldest brother in Singapore. That was the first time I learnt of a place called Bukit Ho Swee or what is called Or Kio Tau in Hokkien. We stayed with Choon and her relatives. Since then we have remained in constant contact.
Choon used to work as an administrative officer. As far as I remember, she never had a maid, and I always marvelled at the way she juggled between her administrative work and housework. Her apartment is always spotlessly clean, and weekends will find her scrubbing and cleaning every part of the apartment. ! Despite being busy, she still managed to find time for her family and friends.
Right now, she helps a relative part time in her clothings store. Sometimes when the sales are poor, Choon herself would buy some clothes from the store so as to help generate some business for her relative.! A soft hearted and generous person, it is difficult for Choon to be a business lady as she gives more than she makes! Probably this is why she is such a blessed lady with a lovely family. Her children dote on her.
Choon is one of my best friends in Singapore and someone I treasure very much. It is people like Choon that adds colour and meaning to mere existence.

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