Sunday, March 15, 2009

Healthy Dessert

(Clockwise) Barley, Ginkgo Nuts, Raw Sugar, Lotus Seeds, Barley (Big grains), Beancurd Sheets and Pandan Leaves.

A bowl of healthy dessert. Could be substituted for a meal at breakfast or lunch

It is interesting how our tastes change as we grow older. Now I am becoming more like a vegetarian as I could go for days and months without taking meat and seafood without missing them.

Now, I prefer nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables. My favourite dessert is the Beancurd Barley with Ginkgo and Lotus Seeds. It is healthy and easy to cook. As the ginkgo takes time to peel, I often do it while watching television programs. This saves time.


1. Pre-soak the lotus seeds for at least 2 to three hours. This will help speed up the cooking.

2) Peel the skin of the ginkgo nuts and remove both the hearts of the lotus seeds after they have softened as well as the hearts of the ginkgo.

3) Wash the two types of pearl barley and put into a pot of water.

4) Add the pandan leaves, tied up in a knot.

5) Add in ginkgo nuts and lotus seeds.

6) Add in the beancurd sheets, crushing them into smaller pieces. Buy the type what will not completely melt when cooked for a long time.

7) Boil and when the water is boiled, add the beancurd sheets and lower the heat to simmer for about 2 hours.

8) Add sugar to taste before serving. Any types of sweetening can be added, including honey. However, I like brown raw sugar the most, as it is quite fragrant.

Ginkgo nuts are good for helping the memory. Lotus nuts and beancurd sheets promote good complexion. Barley is an excellent agent for reducing body heat.

Try the dessert. It is healthy and delicious!

Gan Chau

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