Monday, February 09, 2009

I Will Never Complain Again!



The enthusiastic members and guests at Teach Me Toastmasters' Club
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I love walking. Not only do I get to save transport costs and get some exercise, I also get to see many interesting things along the way. I usually choose to walk, if my distance could be covered within 30 minutes and I were not in a hurry.

The other day, I walked back from Park Mall at Orchard Road after having lunch with my lovely friend, Soh Wah. Soh Wah is a high flyer in her company, and a fantastic manager of her time! She wanted to give me a lunch treat, and I also had to pass her gifts of nutmeg oil from my brother who lives in Penang, as well as my own gifts for Chinese New Year. After having eaten so much good food in Penang, I just wanted a simple lunch.

As I was waiting for the Green Man, I realised that a young man standing in front of me was leaning towards his left leg. As he started to walk, he was wobbly, and looked as if he would fall down anytime. I was worried and decided to walk closely behind him, so that should he fall, I would be of some help. What a precarious situation, and I was worried he would not walk fast enough before the Green Man would make way for the Red Man! Bravo! He made it just in time!

I noticed that his right foot was twisted at an angle of about 50 degrees. Subconsciously I tilted my right foot likewise and attempted to walk like him. Gosh! It was difficult. I changed to my normal position in case people thought I was rude, imitating him. I walked ahead of him so that I could take a look at his face. What a good looking guy! Best of all, he smiled when he realised I was looking at him, and I smiled back. I noticed that there was that aura of serenity and fortitude in him as he was attempting to wipe the beads of perspiration on his forehead.

"Hi! Where're you going?" I asked him with a smile.

"Going to that building to register for some courses", he said.

"Happy New Year and God bless you!" I said.

Throughout the rest of my journey, I tried to walk back home with my right foot at about 50 degrees. It was tough and at times excruciatingly painful!

After an hour I reached home, a journey which would have only taken 15 minutes if I had walked with my normal gait. However, I reached home, a happier and more contented person. Suddenly I thought of all the wonderful toastmasters I had met at Teach Me Toastmasters' Club, some with the same condition as this gentleman. Despite their wheelchairs and crutches, the toastmasters are a cheerful and happy lot with a delightful sense of humour! This is why I always look forward to visiting them whenever there is a little break in between Speechcraft sessions at Changi Prison, because Teach Me Toastmasters' Club also meet on a Saturday morning. The youthful members give their best in the preparation and delivery of their prepared speeches.

I will never ever complain again about my looks or about my build! I will continue to see the beauty and traits in everyone. Most importantly, I will continue to be grateful and always remember to count all my little blessings and name them one by one!!!

Gan Chau

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Hari said...

Hi Ms Kam,

Thanks for the wonderful article.I have fowarded it to my fellow club members so that they can also read it.

With Many Thanks