Monday, February 02, 2009

Great Hospitality!


Dr. Dennis Wee, cooking his signature dish: Fried Hokkien Mee

The proof is in the noodles!

Mr. Chris Koh, getting the group to play "Bingo". Dr. Wee goes around, making his guests feel at home!

Mrs. Wee (extreme left) the gracious hostess, entertaining some of the guests in the Dining Room

Every year, the founder of Dennis Wee Group, Dr. Dennis Wee, would invite his agents to his lovely home for Chinese New Year celebration. Dr. Wee would fry his delicious Hokkien Mee, in addition to the food already catered for. There was a lot of different varieties of food :- siew mai, chicken curry with French loaves, black pepper fish, mixed vegetables, fried youtiao with squid, etc. In the evening, our gracious host and hostess had also arranged for a restaurant to cater roti pratas made on the spot.

When I was having my food, Mr. Chris Koh went around selling tickets for the next Bingo game. Like all true blue agents, Mr. Chris Koh was persuasive and managed to coerce me to play the game. I remembered playing the game the previous year but had forgotten how to play.

Different guests had different interests - some would spend time watching the video, others were playing card games of Black Jack, mahjong, etc., while some were contented to just eat and chat. The little children enjoyed playing with the Wees' pet dogs.

While waiting for the 3rd round of Bingo game to start, I suddenly exclaimed, "Oh! I'm so ooo ooooo happy. Suddenly two of my colleagues looked at me and tried to stifle their smile of amusement. Perhaps it was the first time they had heard someone expressing her joy in such an audible manner.!

Indeed I was happy because where in Singapore could you find a boss from a big organisation who would fry kilos of noodles for his staff, agents and guests, in addition to catered food? When he was not frying, Dr. Wee would go around serving wine and beer. He even cleared the glasses! Just for observation, I purposely put my plate on the console in the living room, and minutes later, Dr. Wee had cleared the plate away! Wow! I can understand why Dr. Wee is so successful! The gracious host and hostess have that personal touch and it makes their guests feel warm and welcomed! I jokingly told Dr. Wee, that when he is contented with his millions, he might decide to start a restaurant featuring his signature dish of popular Hokkien Mee. He might give, Kim Hokkien Mee, a run for his money!!!

By the way, I make excellent Penang Hokkien Mee with delicious pounded sambal balachan too, but only for myself and perhaps a small group of guests. If I had to cook for such a huge crowd, I would collapse before the sun sets!!!

Thanks Dr. Wee and Mrs. Wee for your great hospitality!

Gan Chau

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