Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh! To Be Free and Spontaneous!

Mr. Tan, a retired elderly gentleman, dancing and singing at the Bukit Merah Central

He is quite expressive in his movements

I had just come out from the Polyclinic at Bukit Merah and was pleasantly surprised when I saw an elderly gentleman dancing to his heart's delight. He was singing to the tune of the music coming from the stall selling cds and videos.

As Mr. Tan was singing, he was also dancing, sometimes executing somewhat intricate steps. Some people passing by could not help but smile. I smiled at Mr. Tan for I liked his spontaneity. I go to the polyclinic at Bukit Merah quite regularly for my check up and I had never seen Mr. Tan singing or dancing before. Hence I was really curious and watched him for quite some time.
Later when the music stopped I decided to talk to him, asking him about his love for dancing and singing. I found out that Mr. Tan is a retiree, and he likes singing at karaoke lounges. Since he enjoyed the catchy songs and knew how to sing them by heart, he just could not help but sang to his heart's content! How wonderful to be so free and spontaneous! In fact, Mr. Tan looked quite cute and adorable with his toothlessness! He shared that he had been single all his life, for he did not want to be weighed down by a nagging wife! "If I want to sing, I sing; if I want to eat, I and easy!" he declared. Anyone could see that his freedom means a lot to him.
Mr. Tan reminded me of just another person who would sing and dance without inhibition - a young man called Choon Beng. He would just dance for joy unto the Lord every Sunday morning, and it was so refreshing just to look at the unspoken joy on his face. Sometimes, with an air of seriousness, he would come to me and whisper into my ears, "Aunty Choo, I like one girl, and I'm going to marry her!" Choon Beng suffered from Down Syndrome as a child, but thank God, with the encouragement of his supportive parents and church staff, he could now read and sing quite well. Most of the people who knew him, loved him, for he constantly reminded us of what it means to be childlike.
As we grow older, most of us become inhibited and self-conscious. At a party, it would be great if everyone participates actively. At a dinner cum dance, how wonderful it could be if people could just throw self-consciousness to the wind and just rock....and ......roll. Or just sway or boogie to the rythmn of the music.
I am quite shy by nature, but when I am with people I try to participate. When the Braddell Heights Community Club officer, Mdm. Lim phoned me to say that she had given my contact number to Headquarters for the purpose of a write up on mature students who learn new musical instruments or dance, I decided to cooperate. Being spontaneous can help to bring a spark into people's lives. Jean Heng, the Senior Manager of Community Learning Network, told me she was relieved when I gave her an affirmative answer! However, little did she know that I spent the next few days wondering if I should back out.!
Being courageous does not mean having no fear. It means despite the fear, we move on. Being cooperative and supporting does not mean having no inhibition. It means despite the inhibition and shyness, we move on.
Oh! How wonderful to be free and spontaneous!

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