Friday, January 30, 2009

Flower Power! (2)




Jasmin, seated on garden chairs made from the trunk of trees. Behind is a dog, creatively made.

Avinesh, posing inside the airconditioned rooms which have beautiful displays of indoor plants.

I was happy to find the Store with attendants. At our Retreat I had missed the Store because it was closed after lunch, being a half day.

The attendants were very cheerful and amiable. I commented that they are very lucky and happy to be working in such a lovely environement, surrounded by trees and flowers. The Chinese attendant commented that visitors to Hort Park are usually a cheerful and lively lot.

I bought some cactuses, a flower pot with hangers and another potted plant. The prices are very reasonable. I guess the Ministry wants to encourage us to grow plants and flowers.

I hope that by now, readers are convinced that Hort Park is worth visiting!

Happy gardening!

Gan Chau
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