Thursday, January 29, 2009

Precious Relatives and Friends


With my nephew, Keong, and his son, Johnson having an ice-cream break at Queensbay
Shopping Centre in Penang

With my neice's godmother and daughter. On extreme right is my sis-in-law, Saw Kim

With sis-in-law, cousin Nancy and Jasmin at the New World Park food court
Phaik See and Husband James with their first grandchild.
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People are precious for we do not know when we can see one another. This is why I prefer to visit and spend time with loved ones, than to cry when they are gone.

This is also why, I always remind others to have a kind thought for me, than to spend 5 minutes on a wonderful eulogy at my funeral. It is interesting to note how everyone at a funeral wake would always have wonderful memories and good words to speak of the deceased.

Lack of time is always a lame excuse. No matter how busy we are, we must know how to prioritise our time, for there is nothing more important than people. Fathers must never work round the clock; mothers must consider their children before their career if they are unable to multi task well. We try not to postpone what we can do today, or it might just be too late.

Gan Chau

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