Friday, January 09, 2009

It's Better to Have Loved and Lost than......

It is interesting to note that the majority of viewers would want to see the Little Nonya, Yue Niang, getting married to Xi Er, especially after having gone through so much suffering, pain and agony. Hence it is difficult for viewers to comprehend why Yue Niang had to turn down Xi Er again especially when all obstacles had been cleared.

It would have been wonderful if the director had added on two or three more episodes, as the ending was quite abrupt and left many questions unanswered. For eg. how did Yue Niang manage to escape from the fire without being seen by Xi Er?
Yue Niang became a prominent figure as a shrewd business woman. How could Chen Xi not have heard of her and hence continue the friendship, even at a platonic level? Though broken-hearted, Chen Xi was nevertheless happy for Yue Niang when he heard that she was marrying someone good and reliable. The director had scored well on this point, because true love always means wanting the best for your loved one, even at the price of great sacrifice. Chen Xi's good friend, Libby, was also someone lovable and helpful, with a compassionate heart. Likewise, Yue Niang was happy to know that Chen Xi would end up with a virtuous lady who later gave him 6 children.

Hence, an additional two or three episodes would have made a smoother ending, and perhaps appease some viewers' annoyance.

Somehow The Little Nonya reminded me of a long suffering client who filed for divorce when I was working as a legal secretary in Lim Kean Siew & Co. in Penang. Though 35 years had elapsed since the case, I could still recall vividly the expression on the lady's face when I asked her if she had been very hurt to find out that her husband whom she had married in London was a cheating architect who was already married with two children! A Malaysian, he had gone to London to do a course and met my client who was then a nurse. I suppose he could not resist her gentle charm and beauty.

My lovely client smiled sweetly and said to me, "Choo, it is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all! I treasure the sweet memories of our good times and remember his positive points. I have custody of our daughter and will love her with all my heart. I feel no bitterness, for if I truly love him, I want him to be happy. I don't even wish to sue him for bigamy."

That evening, I reflected over my client's wisdom and stocism. It is my usual habit to relect on the day's events so that I could analyse and reflect so as to improve every day. I had to admit that I was full of admiration for my client. What an unusual way to look at a marriage.! Other lesser women would have fumed and revenged!

Probably my client still looked so beautiful and radiant....probably because she knew that anger, hatred, etc. would only wrinkle her skin and weaken her health. After the divorce, I lost touch with my client. I hope that she had found someone again.....someone truly worthy of her.

Gan Chau

Gan Chau

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