Friday, January 30, 2009

Hort Park





The above pictures at Hort Park. More flowers in the next blog.

One of my favourite haunts has to be Hort Park, for I love flowers! Especially in Singapore, where trees are grown more in abundance, flowers are rarely in sight. We might come across bougainvillas grown along the roads or overhead bridges, but other flowers like sunflowers, geraniums, morning glory, etc. can be found in some homes and at Hort Park.

Hort is short for horticulture. It is located at 33 Hyderabad Road. I was not familiar with the place and only found out about the lovely little hike up Telok Blangah Hills leading us to Hort Park recently, when our company, Dennis Wee Group had our annual Retreat at Hort Park. It was our wonderful colleague, Sally, who showed me how to hike up Telok Blangah Hills to Hort Park.

Recently I brought my two tenants, Avinesh and Jasmin, on a hike up Telok Blangah Hills. We passed through Henderson Waves, stopped at intervals for a drink and some snacks and finally ending up at Hort Park. The beautiful display of flowers at Hort Park made us feel that our sweaty effort up the hills was worth the trouble!

We will try to hike from Hort Park to Kent Ridge another time. For those who have yet to visit Hort Park, make it a point to bring your family members and friends. You will enjoy the hike as much as we have enjoyed ourselves.

Gan Chau

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