Thursday, January 29, 2009

Penang, the Pearl of the Orient (1)


The lovely sunset near Sungei Ara as we were heading back for home.

Another lovely sunset at the Esplanade in Penang.

My nephew, Keong, took us to Queensbay Shopping Centre. The Penang Bridge is in the background. From left to right: Johnson, Keong and Jasmin

Serenity at Teluk Kumbar. Teluk means bay in Malay. The beach is lovely, filled with fishing boats.

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I hope that readers who have never been to Penang will make an effort to visit this lovely island otherwise known as the Pearl of the Orient.

Penangnites are a warm and friendly lot. Everywhere I went I would chat with strangers in Hokkien, English and Malay. People are patient, relaxed and cordial. I am amazed that despite the busy and almost crazy traffic, Penangnites hardly honk each other. My cousin Nancy is very proud of her driving skills, because if she does not have the courage to turn, she will be stuck in the same spot for a long time. I told Nancy I dare not drive in Penang now, given the many changes in road extension and buildings. Nancy reminded me that it was I who encouraged her and my second sister to drive, after I had taken driving lessons from a Mr. Choo. Both Nancy and my sister had more motor intelligence than me. They passed the very first time, while I had to take the 3rd attempt to get my driving licence. As she has retired, Nancy, is now responsible for driving her grandchildren to and from school.
Driving is such a useful skill.....every lady must make an effort to drive.

I gave my frugal brother a Cannon digital camera which was a gift from Starhub.
As I forgot to bring my camera charger, I used brother's camera. Jasmin is an excellent photographer as evidence from the pictures above.

For some reason, I could only post 4 photos at one time in my blog. Hence, I will divide my article into two parts.

Cheers. Catch up with you soon!

Gan Chau

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