Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lovely sights in Penang


At Kek Lok Si Temple

It's a plane! No! It's a kite!

In front of the House of Yeap Chor Ee, a famous businessman known for his benevolence

James and Jasmin at the Air Itam Dam, Penang
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I am quite pleased with the outcome of my recent trip to Penang. Although I stayed in Penang for only 5 days, I managed to organise my time well. My relatives, Nancy and James were very hospitable and even took the initiative to take my tenant, Jasmin and me around. They would drop us at some place and we would take a bus from there.

Penang is even smaller than Singapore; hence zipping around in a bus is also convenient. My favourite chendol at Penang Road is a must to try. My best friend, Amu, likes Penang Chendol very much. Food in Penang is very delicious and hawkers who do not provide reasonably tasty food will have to close down pretty fast, for Penangnites are particular with their taste.

I managed to visit my beloved aunty at her home in Air Itam as well as uncle at the Nursing Home. As Jasmin is a vegetarian we went to Little India to purchase some foodstuff. We were surprised to find an Anand Bhavan Restaurant! We wondered if the restaurant had any relationship with the Anand Bhavan in Singapore, but we found that they were different entities. The plain thosai cost only MR1.20! In Singapore, the cost is S$1.90!

My relative James took us to the Ayer Itam dam which is very close to Kek Lok Si Temple and the Penang Hill Railway Station. Of course, the lovely beaches in Penang are not to be missed and cousin Nancy took us to Tanjong Bungah.

Penang rightly deserves to be called the Pearl of the Orient!

Gan Chau

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