Saturday, January 10, 2009

Names associated with Pandas!

Of late, I am beginning to feel like I were a panda bear. Of course, given the fact that I am round and fleshy, and am not inclined towards being graceful in my movements, I feel all the more like a bear. However, I do not mind for panda bears are so cute and huggable. Morever, I always seem to be moving around happily, and when I am sick or utterly exhausted, I can actually hibernate for two weeks like a huggable bear!!!

Like most people, I love bears, especially panda bears. They look like gentlemen with dark glasses and waistcoats. Panda bears, like all animals, are highly protective of their territories. Especially animals which are placed in the zoos. I wonder why some human beings take the animals for granted and have the audacity to climb into the enclosures, and when they are attacked, they say, "The animals are hungry for blood". Animals have their temperaments just like human beings. Some are more friendly and accommodating; others resist the nearness of strangers and will growl and attack.

Interestingly, I notice that most if not all the panda bears have names that are repeated eg. Xing Xing, Ling Ling, Juan Juan, and Gu Gu, just to name a few. Is it because repeated syllable names sound cute? I wonder if any panda bear has been called Chu Chu or Choo Choo.? So far, none of my friends has teased me about a panda bear with the same name. Hence I am safe for now.....

Gan Chau

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