Friday, January 02, 2009

Good friends make my world go round!

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With Soh Wah at Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant

My best friend, Soh Wah called to say she wanted to celebrate my birthday by giving me a lunch treat.

"Thanks, but birthday over already lah".

"No, no, didn't you say your birthday celebration always goes on for a month? Today is the last day of December, so am still in the month of December, " argued Soh Wah.

The food was fantastic and since the restaurant is also in the same building as Jade Cinema, it was easy for me to adjourn for my Hindi movie after lunch. Ghajini is a fantastic and exciting movie. I screamed, "Kill him", forgetting I was not at home but at the cinema. I heard the ladies in front laugh! They were obviously amused by my excitement.

As usual, the lady at the ticket counter asked to see my identity card so as to verify that I truly qualify for a $4/- ticket. I told the elderly looking couple who were lining up behind me that they should pay only $4/- since they are over 55 years of age. They were pleasantly surprised as they were unaware of this privilege.

My first movie after I turned 55 was "Rabne bana di Jodi". (A marriage made in heaven). While we laughed heartily because it is a romantic comedy, nevertheless the message is excellent.

I have always enjoyed Hindi movies. It was papa who introduced us to the enjoyment and appreciation of good Hindi movies.

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