Thursday, January 15, 2009

"You're Behind Time!"

"What, you've not yet watched The Titanic? Superb movie.! I watched it 4 times. You're behind time!" declared my tenant, Jasmin, with a little tinge of pride in his voice.

"You know that I hardly visited the cinema, and even when the movie was shown on TV the last time, I was unable to watch it because of my toastmaster activities", I said.

We had just just subscribed to Star Movies and that very day, Titanic was on the program.

It was indeed a lovely movie. I was moved to tears by the musicians who continued to play the violins and cello despite the danger. It was as if they knew that their music would lighten the tense atmosphere and perhaps bring some courage to the frightened passengers. Such stoical acts always touch my heart.....people who put others before self.

I marveled at the courage of the young couple who threw caution to the wind despite the difficulties and danger concerning their romance. True love gives courage and makes the lovers self-sacrificing. Take heart, all men with wealth. Your diamonds and your assets might not win you true love. Maybe you might win the heart of the lady who prefers to weep in a Rolls Royce than to laugh on a bicycle!

The Titanic reminds me of the movie, "The Poseidon Adventure". In both movies, the passengers had little time to seek safety. Titanic also taught me that we must always be open to ideas and advice from others. If the captain had heeded advice, they would not have sailed on dangerous waters. There is always room for us to learn even though we may be the most knowledgeable or experienced person. Hence this is why every good government must be able to hear the voice and cries of the people; every great professor must be able to entertain even a seemingly ridiculous question from a student; every great surgeon must be able to work closely with other great surgeons so that they can share ideas and improve their skills.

Jasmin is right. I don't mind to watch the Titanic again.

Gan Chau

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