Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Much Ado About Mangoes


A fat, juicy mango that weighs 1.23kg.

Wow! Is that a mango in my garden?

Mangoes - most people love mangoes!
Mangoes from Taiwan are as sweet and juicy as they are big!
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One of my favourite fruits is the mango. Wow! The Creator of this lovely universe must be a master chef! I believe this unique fruit with its universal taste is a favourite with people from many nations.

I chanced upon this huge mango from Taiwan at my favourite fruit juice stall. At first I thought it was a papaya! The size is almost as big as a papaya and I was pleasantly surprised when Ivy told me it was a mango! She had cut the fruit into four big pieces with each piece going for $2.50. I always order my dong dong juice and am a regular customer. To my pleasant surprise, Ivy cut a piece of the mango and asked me to try. Wow! So sweet.

On my way back, I came across huge mangoes at my favourite fruit stall. "One costs $5.00; buy two it will be $9.50". I raised my eyebrows and the fruit vendor said, "Ok lah. You want, I give you special....$9.00". Since my best friend, Amu, is visiting me at dinner time, I thought I'd be a little extravagant and bought the two mangoes. Wow! Amu, including my two tenants loved the mango!

Someone had given me so many imitation fruits and vegetables. They look so real. I decided to hang a mango on my plant and I became very happy just looking at it. Who cares about make belief as long as it makes us happy. ? Remember my article on the mirror that makes a fat person look slimmer than he really is?

Ah! Wait a minute! Perhaps it is not a bad idea after all to try and achieve reality. Mm.....I will defintely try to lose some weight, and hopefully there will come a day, when I can live in a small house with a small garden. Then I will be able to grow trees that bear fruits like mangoes, sour sop, papayas and guavas. Jane Tan, my client had expressed her surprise at my love for gardening, and suggested that in the near future, we should buy a small house with a garden of herbs and fruit trees. Then we can retire and enjoy gardening till we go six feet under!


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KoSong Cafe said...

Is your name Choo Choo or Ganchau?

Is that how Singaporeans grow their mangoes? Impressive indeed. Over here, you should know coming from Penang, many people planted mango trees in their compounds. After a number of years, they have to cut them down because they have overgrown. Do you know men find mangoes and papayas sexy?