Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Cheeky Fruit Vendor


Oops! There's a snake amongst the mangosteens!

The cheeky fruit vendor, as camera-shy as he is cheeky!

Succulent mangoes from Taiwan. They are as big as papayas!
The snake is camouflaged! Some customers were shocked and screamed!
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One of my favourite food centres is the Pek Kio Food Centre. Many good food stalls can be found there. Some are even featured by Gurmit Singh on television programs.
My favourite fruit drinks stall is also there. Each time I go to the Centre, I will surely order a glass of the fresh and tasty kedong dong juice.

The vegetables and fruits are also quite competitively priced. One of my favourite fruit stalls is in a section of a corner shop unit. I like to patronise the stall because the fruits are fresh and cheap.

Now that the durians, rambutans and mangosteens are in season, I often like to buy up to three kilos of the fruits. The other evening, just as I was choosing some mangosteens, I suddenly spotted a black snake and its body was kind of in motion. Then I realised that the cheeky fruit vendor had purposely put the black snake amongst the equally dark mangosteens. Some customers, like me, had not seen the snake, and screamed with all their might the moment they saw the snake! The fruit vendor seemed awfully delighted and pleased with his trick.

I asked him to pose for a photogragh and he was awfully shy! Such a contrast to his somewhat flamboyant personality. When I chose the right number of mangosteens to make a kilo, he remarked at my accuracy and suggested I should go and buy numbers. I told him I am not in the habit of buying numbers.

I do not mind the fruit vendor's cheekiness. I guess it could be quite boring and mundane for him to be just standing behind the fruits, and if it made him happy to play a trick or two, it is alright for me. However, I did warn him to be careful, especially not to play such tricks on his more elderly customers who may have weak hearts, and their fright might trigger a heart attack.

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