Monday, July 06, 2009

What a Clever Little Schnauzer !

Hoe Hoe barking furiously the moment we entered the master bedroom!

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When my colleague, Dickson and I went to an apartment for viewing, we were greeted by a dog's bark.

"Yes! Great! There's a dog in this home!", I said excitedly.

A cute, grayish white Schnauzer greeted us with his owner.
"Hoe Hoe! Quiet, Hoe Hoe!" admonished the amicable owner.

After a while, the handsome Schnauzer settled down and was very friendly. He kept putting his paws on my lap, as if to welcome us into his home. Clean and well-groomed, it was obvious that his owner and family dote on him. It was interesting that when we were at the living and dining room, Hoe Hoe did not bark at all. He was happily trying to get our attention and loved it when he was patted.

I tried to speak in Hokkien dialect to the dog. "Ah Hoe ah! Lu jin kuai." Then I spoke to the dog in English. "Hoe Hoe! You're a good dog", and the little Schnauzer wagged his tail as if in approval! I like Schnauzers! Somehow they remind me of male characters that we see on stage when a Chinese opera is on, with their pronounced whiskers and beard, intense looking eyes and somewhat accentuated ears!

It was interesting that the moment we stepped into the bedrooms, Hoe Hoe barked continuously. The owner explained to us that he did not like any guest to step into the bedrooms.! For some reason the clever dog knew that guests should be limited only to the living, dining and kitchen areas.! Stepping into the bedrooms of his owners is like an invasion of their privacy! What a clever little dog!

Now my readers know why I enjoy my real estate work so much. Apart from appreciating and admiring the architectural and interior designs of homes, I also get to meet many lovely and wonderful four legged creatures like dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits as well as colorful fishes swimming in beautiful tanks.!

Indeed the life of a real estate agent is really colorful! Even when the sky is filled with clouds, let us always see the bright and cheerful colours beneath the clouds!

Gan Chau

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