Saturday, July 18, 2009

Try Harder, Gurmit !!


Despite Gurmit's plead, some commuters still cannot read or interpret the signs.

The young man in deep slumber, oblivious to the mother with child in her hands.

Another not so sleepy commuter, preferring to remain glued to his seat.
 Poor Gurmit! Despite his interesting rap, some commuters cannot hear or understand!

I was taking the train to Changi Airport to meet my eldest sister, Lee Lee who was arriving from Kuching. I boarded the train at City Hall. It was extremely crowded, being peak period after office hours. I noticed a lady carrying a cute, little girl. Usually, when someones does not get up for those in need, I would pat the sleepy person on the shoulder and alert him/her to vacate his/her seat for someone who need to sit down.

However, since my journey to the airport would take about thirty minutes, I thought I would observe the behaviour of commuters. The young man seated on the priority seat slept throughout the journey.....from City Hall to Bedok. As the mrt became a little less crowded, the lady carrying the little girl decided to walk to the opposite doorway and she must be feeling exhausted because she put the little girl down. However, the plump little girl did not like it and preferred to be carried. Anyone could see the lady massaging her aching arms. However, Mother's love conquered all tiredness and she lifted the little girl again. A fierce looking man remained seated on the priority seat. I wanted to take a photo but his fierce looks made me somewhat scared, so I quickly smiled at the little girl and said, "Hi, sweetie, give aunty a smile! You have a pretty, cute little girl"! I quickly snapped a photo!

Poor Gurmit! You have to try harder! Some Singaporeans cannot read or interpret pictures! Your lovely rap has also fallen on deaf ears!

Incredible! I have taken public transport in many parts of the world. There are hardly signs to remind people to give up their seats, but commuters are natural enough to just stand up to offer their seats.

As National Day is approaching, let us remember to always stand up for Singapore! In our daily activities, let us also sacrifice a little of our human comfort, and stand up for commuters with great need .....expectant mothers, the elderly and the handicapped. Let us also continue to stand up for what we believe is the truth. And as the old favourite hymn goes, "Stand up, stand up for Jesus!"

Gan Chau

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