Sunday, July 05, 2009

Why Sunflowers Bloom So Elegantly!


One of my favourite flowers is the sunflower! Apart from enjoying sunflower seeds as a healthy snack, I also love the big, round, flower that reminds me of the blazing sun!

It is also the favourite flower of my friend, Aik Hoon, a dynamic and successful lady who excels in multi level marketing in Aviva Health Products. In fact, she calls herself Sunflower Chan. Aik Hoon attributes that the reason why the sunflower looks so elegant and almost regal......why, it is always looking towards the Son (sun)!

Hence, when we look towards the hills from where our help comes from, we will be able to enjoy doing things with greater ease and lesser strife! Like the sunflower, we will not only bloom in a world of stress and strife, but we will also bloom gracefully and elegantly, because we get the most of the light and blessings of the Son!

Gan Chau
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