Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Much Ado About Toby.....


It's my birthday.....but I still have to eat my own doggy food.....not fair, not fair!

My yummy looking birthday cake! At least...my caregiver gave me a little of it.

With my doting caregivers before I fly to Dubai

We find it hard to resist Toby's soulful looking eyes.

It is now the third week of my looking after Toby. She is now more at home and in fact, is getting more courageous. Where once, she disliked being carried, she now basks in the comfort of being carried up like a little baby. She even snuggles and is quite "manja" - Malay word meaning "putting on an obvious show of affection and dependency."

Toby is very intelligent. When I change into casual clothes from my pyjamas, she knows it is time for her walk. When I change into more formal clothes, she somehow senses I am going out and hence, she will lie down quietly with her soulful eyes looking at me as if asking, "When are you coming back.?" You see, Toby dislikes being left alone...even for a few minutes. This is obvious when she follows me everywhere, and will even wait outside the door of the bathroom when I am having a shower! It is so therapeutic to see her little tail waving furiously as she dances around with joy whenever I come back from work. A canine's welcome is so warm and spontaneoous!

No wonder her owner, Gayatri, has warned me about Toby's overweight for she is indeed a connoiseur of good food. And she prefers food meant for her two legged friends.! Thinking that she might be like a British snob like my previous pet dog, Bobo, who would curl his nose when you put a durian near his face, I was amused when Toby just gulped the durian in my hand and smacked her lips! She loves durians! Mangoes, langsat, rambutans and all types of fruits are also her favourite, but I must be careful not to give her too much. We have nicknamed her "Moothi, Moothi" - in Hindi, meaning, "Fat, Fat". Once I called out "Moothi, Moothi" and Toby responded!

At times I toy with the idea of adopting Toby, but I am fearful that if Toby stays with me, she will be most likely to put on weight. My heart is too soft to resist her soulful looking eyes that plead, "Come on, let me try a little of what you are eating! Must be yummy!"

When my neighbour's dogs, Bobby and Bibi first came a-visiting, Tobby would not even venture near the door! Now, she dashes to the door and barks her loudest, declaring her territory! When she passes by my neighbour's flat, she would go right to the door to bark! Wow! What a different show of bravery!

I try to stay at home as much as possible as I know Tobby loves company. Every morning I pray for God's protection of her. It is a heavy responsibility looking after a dog. As a dog lover, I can emphatise with a dog owner's intense love for his dog. Amazing how a dog can change one's lifestyle. In fact I have turned down many dinner and party invitations so that I could spend more time with Toby.

I will miss Toby terribly when she flies off to join her owner in Dubai. My tenants, Jasmin and Avinesh have also grown quite fond of her. Amazing how fast a dog can connect to his caregivers. A dog loves unconditionally, does not complain, is faithful and grateful, and is certainly..........man's best friend!
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