Wednesday, July 01, 2009

My Little Four-Legged Guest




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Shahnaz had messaged me as to whether I could help dog-sit for someone who is leaving for Dubai for five weeks. I obliged and the lady, Gayatri, called me to confirm the details. She told me her little pug is called Toby, a female dog with a masculine name. Since Toby was the name given by the first owner, she retained the name. "I'm going to send her for some grooming," said Gayatri.

"Grooming? But pugs have short fur.?" I asked, surprised.

"Yes, but I'd like her to be cool, easier for her upkeep," said Gayatri.
Toby is really cute and I'm sure you will love her."

When I first saw Toby I wanted to laugh. True enough, she's really cute, and as Gayatri had described, somewhat overweight. Gayatri had put her on a diet and Toby had shed 1 kg. but at 7kg. she still looks adorably rounded! With her little tail curled at the back and her rotundness, she reminds me of a little pig!

Toby is not so affectionate like Chelsea. She is more independant and does not like to be carried, although she hates being alone. She is all tensed up when I carry her and is ever so eager to be let down on the floor. Although somewhat aloof, yet she likes to sit close to me or to my tenants if I were not in.

At night, she sleeps on her cushioned bed and boy does she snore ever so loudly! Fortunately I sleep soundly and hence am not bothered by Toby's snoring.

She loves to go for walks, but Gayatri has cautioned me not to make her over-exhausted. I have to be careful not to let Toby put on any more weight. Although Toby enjoys her doggy food, she is ever alert and hopeful when I have my meals. She would sit with her eyes glued onto me, hoping I might give her some of my food.

My friends are surprised I would have time to dog-sit. I guess when we love something, we will always make time for it. It is such a great therapy for me to walk Toby two or three times a day. She has character or what I would describe as
good "doganality". My own coining of word for a dog with personality!

I hope Toby would soon accept Bobby, my neighbour's shi tzu, so that she would have some doggy companionship as well.

Dogs make my world go round!

Gan Chau

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