Monday, July 20, 2009

Please Choose Your Own Title .....


Despite Gurmit's gesture and message, commuters often rush in like it's the last train!!! This is especially obvious during peak periods. Commuters are more "gracious" during non peak periods when the trains are less crowded. The proverbial cheese to be shared by too many mice?

I do not how to put a title to this article. Shall I put it as "It pays to have a loud voice!" or "The Bee-see body?" or "A purpose behind every setback!" I guess I will let my readers choose.

When I first started teaching in River Valley High School which was then located at River Valley behind the Morningside condominium, Yong An Park was being built. Everyday teachers had to compete with the loud piling noise, as our classrooms were just next to the site!

After the piling work ceased, to my surprise, I found that my voice had become thunderous through months of competition!! Though it made me appear less feminine with my loud, booming voice, nevertheless my loud voice has become very useful. Especially when I am alighting the mrt.! It made me annoyed that commuters would rush in when others are trying to get out. It is senseless to rush in for they should first wait for passengers to come out. How can we continue to put in coins in an already overloaded piggy bank.? Until the coins are removed, can new savings be put in. Plain common sense. But then my pastor had once mentioned in a sermon two decades ago, that sometimes common sense is not very common! This lack of common sense makes it more appalling in a developed little nation like ours! There was once when I could not take it anymore and blurted out loud and clear, "Let us come out first!" Hence, in future, if you hear a loud, booming voice, then you will know that I am around!! Sigh! I hate publicity but how do you drive home the message.? Even poor Gurmit is not getting very far with all his pleading and rapping.

In a crowded bus, the poor driver often had to remind passengers to move to the rear of the bus. Yet some preferred to be rooted to their favourite spot, even if it means hindering the movement of passengers in the bus. I had learnt to say, "Please move to the back" in the four main languages in Singapore as well as in Hokkien and Cantonese. It is not easy to have to do what I am doing but I am grateful that due to the training at toastmasters' clubs, now I have more courage and confidence to speak up whenever I have to.

Our little island is now getting more and more crowded with people. Until people learn to be considerate, travelling in public transport can be a nightmare! Let us help to make life a little better by being courteous, thoughtful, alert and having the initiative to do what needs to be done just to make the world a little better place to live in.

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