Monday, July 13, 2009

Bougainvilleas! Bougainvilleas! Bougainvilleas!




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I notice these shrubs of bougainvilleas blooming at the open space near the Little India mrt station. I have wanted to take photographs of these lovely flowers, but each time I did not have my camera with me. Hence, this evening when I returned from the concert by the Singapore National Youth Orchestra with my tenant, Jasmin, I noticed the shrubs of bougainvilleas again. Since I had a camera in my bag, Jasmin helped me to photograph some of these plants. He is a much better photgrapher than me anytime. I was surprised that Jasmin did not use any flashlight...yet the flowers turned out clear and sharp.

As it is too warm and humid, it is difficult to grow many types of flowers. However, I notice that bougainvilleas thrive and bloom beautifully and abundantly in our country. This is probably why you can find bougainvilleas planted in many public places, parks, garden, and even on the planters at overhead bridges.

I just love the bright purple and pink bougainvilleas. It is amazing that the above shrubs of bougainvilleas have more flowers than leaves!

"As I walk slowly out of the mrt station,
I saw a host of brilliant bougainvilleas!"

What is this life, if full of care.
We must always find time to stand and stare!

Dear William Wordsworth, we don't have daffodils in our country; but we have plenty of bougainvilleas! Praise God for all His handiworks of awesome flowers, big and small.


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