Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Sister's Home Grown Lemons!


Lovely, huge lemons grown by Sister Lee Lee

What a round, fat lemon!

Look, how thin is the skin of the lemons!

Oozing with so much lemon juice! No need for a blender. Just a fork and a spoon are sufficient to get the juice from the fruit.

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"Choo, do you like lemons?", asked eldest sister on the phone.

"Sure, I like lemons, especially ice lemon tea or lemon barley drink.

"Ok, will bring them! I grow them and this year the harvest is bountiful. My lemons are so big!"

"Huh! You can grow lemons in your garden in Kuching?" I was pleasantly surprised.

However, greater surprise awaited me when sister came to my home. She produced a bagful of lemons and gave me some of them. Wow! What gigantic sizes! They could be mistaken to be green Thai oranges! I shared some of the lemons with my neighbours, Irin and Helen, as well as my violin teacher, Mr. Yan.

My clever and versatile sister has really green fingers. Whatever she grows, thrives and blooms! She also brought me the "ren" herbs - birdnests for the poor. I had already prepared a big styrofoam box of soil, ready to replant the stems of the herbs after consuming the leaves. I now have a box of young ren plants. Whey they mature, I will be able to harvest them and replant the stems again. Hope to grow more so that I can also give some away to people who appreciate herbal drinks.

Due to the multi goodness of "ren" herbs named because of the look-alike Chinese character in the middle of the leaves, I will want to focus more on the growth of this herb. Although bird nests is nice, I feel somewhat strange consuming the vomit of some birds.....moreover bird nests is so costly. I will stick to the consumption of leafy "bird nests for the poor". I feel so rich drinking this herb because it reminds me of the goodness of the Creator who has made so many wonderful herbs, vegetables and fruits for us to consume!

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Pradeep said...

You're right! lemons do look awesome. Nothing like I've seen before.