Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Clever Way to Fight Terrorism!




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While visiting Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey, I noticed that I could not use my mobile phone. I was trying to call my niece, but just could not reach her.

I also noticed that mobiles could not be used in the London tubes or tube stations. Though it may be inconvenient, I think it is a clever way to fight terrorism. I always watch the video at our local mrt station whenever I am waiting for the train, and I see how the terrorist puts his black bag in the train; gets out after a few stops and cooly and calmly takes out his phone and presses a button! Boom! If only he does not have use of the mobile to activate the bomb in the train!

If mobiles could be automatically made dysfunctional in the concert halls of the Esplanade, likewise, why don't the authorities consider doing the same with mobile phones near important buildings like the Istana, Parliament House and MRT stations.?

Though there would be more inconveniences, nevertheless, it is a little to pay for the price of safety. Perhaps, this might even bring out the best in everyone where punctuality and organisation are concerned.

For example, yesterday evening, my good friend, Soh Wah invited me to the Esplande to watch the Singapore National Youth Orchestra with Darrell Ang as guest conductor.
Though I was still having jet lag, I wanted to watch Darrell, my ex-student from ACS, conduct and to support Soh Wah's son, Phoon Yi, who plays the violin. Soh Wah reminded me that she would not be able to phone me at the Esplanade, and hence it was imperative for me to meet her punctually at the main entrance. There I was, fifteen minutes ahead of time! See what I mean?

We cannot wholly depend on the alertness of every passenger in the train or security personnel. Just look at how some tired commuters would sleep even with their mouths wide open!! Some sitting on the priority seats had their eyes open yet, would be blind to a pregnant mother, let alone a potential terrorist! Hence, dysfunctioning the phones in the trains and stations would help to reinforce safety and protection.

Let us all cooperate and unite to protect our lovely little red dot and all our loved ones. Remember, this is only one of the many clever ways to fight terrorism. If any of my readers have good ideas, please contribute. Fighting terrorism is not only the concern of the government, but everyone's business if we want defend our country and loved ones.

Gan Cao

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