Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Street Buskers at La Rambla.....


Oops! The head is on the table!

Buskers on the busy pavement of La Rambla.

The versatile man in gold makes everyone laugh with his unique poses.

Very difficult to pose as a statue! Not frozen enough!

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In Barcelona, people are encouraged to cycle and hence, one can easily hire a bicycle from the many bicycle stations along the pavements. Many of the residents have their own bicycles. In some areas, the pavements are in the centre between two roads. At La Rambla, the pavement is so broad, that people can walk as well as purchase from the many stores selling souvenirs. Hence, buskers throng the pavement in the hope that curious tourists like me will find them fascinating and give them donations.

Soh Wah and I marvel at the creativity and versatility of the buskers. They dressed up as angels, movie characters, etc. There were two men who danced like Michael Jackson. Amazing talent!

Unlike London, the weather in Barcelona was really warm - hovering around 32 to 35 degrees Celcius. I kind of felt sorry for the buskers with their somewhat thick costumes. Some of them work very long hours. It must be difficult to keep still for a reasonable length of time. I decided to imitate them but it was very tough to remain absolutely still even for one minute!

Indeed these buskers have added life and colour to Barcelona and I wish them all the very best.

Gan Cao

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