Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nuts about Nuts .....(3)


A cashew nut at the bottom of the fruit!

Lovely and shapely cashew nuts!

The cashew nut drops off from the fruit!

I like cashews the best.....to me, it is the king of nuts!

I remember when I was in primary school, I visited one of my distant relatives. They grew a cashew nut tree, and once she gave me a cashew fruit, with instructions not to discard the nut away. The fruit quite tasty, but the nuts are even more

The nuts were collected and later fried in the wok. I guess, that there are not too many cashew nut trees in Penang....hence cashews are never an export of Penang. Instead, Penang is famous for her nutmegs.

What is your favourite nut?

Gan Cao
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cooknengr said...

Do you know Brazil nuts are radioactive ? Learned that during my oilfield days.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ed,

What does that mean? Radioactive?
Am not a person conversant with things scientific, so need you to
explain a little more.



cooknengr said...

Auntie Chu Chu , Brazil nuts actually emits energy like a radioactive source used in nuclear bombs, okay, well not that intense, but enough to be detect by a radiation detecting meter.

ganchau said...

Wah! So "powderful"!!!

Will it cause harmful effects to the one who consumes it?

cooknengr said...

The amount of radiation is not considered significant as to cause any health effect as long as one consumes in moderation.