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What Has Happened to Mother Earth?


Aquario Municipal de Peruibe
In this photo released by Aquario Municipal de Peruibe, a dead penguin sits on the sand at Peruibe beach in Sao Paulo state, Brazil, July 17, 2010. Hundreds of penguins that apparently starved to death are washing up on the beaches of Brazil, worrying scientists who are still investigating what's causing them to die.

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"Hundreds of penguins that apparently starved to death are washing up on the beaches of Brazil, worrying scientists who are still investigating what's causing them to die.

About 500 of the black-and-white birds have been found just in the last 10 days on Peruibe, Praia Grande and Itanhaem beaches in Sao Paulo state, said Thiago do Nascimento, a biologist at the Peruibe Aquarium.
Most were Magellan penguins migrating north from Argentina, Chile and the Falkland Islands in search of food in warmer waters.
Many are not finding it: Autopsies done on several birds revealed their stomachs were entirely empty - indicating they likely starved to death, Nascimento said.
Scientists are investigating whether strong currents and colder-than-normal waters have hurt populations of the species that make up the penguins' diet, or whether human activity may be playing a role.
"Overfishing may have made the fish and squid scarcer," Nascimento said.
Nascimento said it's common for penguins to swim north this time of year. Inevitably, some get lost along the way or die from hunger or exhaustion, and end up on the Brazilian coast far from home.
But not in such numbers - Nascimento said about 100 to 150 live penguins show up on the beach in an average year, and only 10 or so are dead.
"What worries us this year," he said, "is the absurdly high number of penguins that have appeared dead in a short period of time."

My friend, Melinda, an animal lover, sent me the above photos. Let us all make a
concerted effort to play our little part to help save the earth.

Just for example, perhaps, it is time that restaurants in hotels rethink of the way they have been discarding freshly cooked left over food, for the simple reason that they "do not want to take any responsibility in the even of food poisoning". I recently went to a hotel for a dinner buffet, and my client, Geok Sim and I were wondering how much food would be discarded as there were very few customers and the reason was obvious....the food was not fantastic for the price the restaurant was charging. Perhaps restaurants could allow their staff to take the food home which could be distributed to their neighbours, etc. .....any arrangement so long as good food is not thrown down the drain, and causing more strain to Mother Earth. Or arrangements could be made to distribute the food to homes like the way leftover bread is being distributed. If buffets are not doing well, restaurants should perhaps change it to ala carte buffet, meaning that food is cooked upon order only. This will minimise wastage.

Autopsies revealed that the stomachs of the dead penguins were empty. The penguins had died of starvation.! Do we really have to overfish, overkill, and in the process over deplete our resources.? Yet, we end up just discarding food, demolishing buildings that are still in very good condition, just to make way for higher and bigger buildings? How much sand, stone, bricks, wood, and other materials are just wasted when buildings are razed to the ground?

Hear Melinda's plea, "This report alarmed me :-o, every single one of us have to do our part to save our planet otherwise 2012 will really happen!!!!!
Sea creatures are the most sensitive,so something is really wrong when so many of them end up dead :-(

Will you play a little part to help save the earth?

Gan Cao

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