Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Wet Market at La Rambla!


I was pleasantly surprised to see piglets on display. I have always thought that only the Chinese eat piglets which they make into suckling roast meat. Poor little pigs with no chance to grow up!

Ham, bacon, etc. on display at the wet market.

The fruits and vegetables are so fresh!

Chocolates in technicolours!
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The hotel which the travel agent in London had booked for us could not have been in a better location. Situated at La Rambla, we were right in the heart of Barcelona, where things are really "happening!"

Soh Wah and I were just delighted with the discovery of a wet market! The fruits and vegetables look so colorful and fresh. I bought some cherries and two huge promeganates. The cherries were only 1.99 Euros a kilo, while the two promeganates were 8.90 Euros a kilo. The two huge promeganates were 1.2 kilos in weight!

As a chocoholic, I was attracted by the stall selling all types of chocolates. The colorful chocolates caught my eyes. I guess I am gradually overcoming my chocoholism, because this time I did not even buy any chocolates! I did not buy any chocolates even for my friends, because if my friends did not collect the chocolates fast from me, I am afraid they would end up in my tummy. So to resist temptation, I thought it would be better for me to buy non-edible stuffs as gifts instead.

So much for the wet market at La Rambla! Will write about the street buskers in my next article!

Until then! Adios! Bye!

Gan Cao

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