Friday, July 16, 2010

Singapore is not such a "fine" city after all......


Fines of about S$315 to S$1698 for not using the proper toilet facilities!


Fines of about S$105 for commuters in London tubes who have no valid tickets!


Fines are not sufficient for compensation. It is a criminal offence for an owner to allow his dog to damage the trees in Hyde Park and all the parks in London.

I have always thought Singapore is about the most "fine" city in the world. Now, I realise my wrong assumption.

In Barcelona, as I was walking along the popular street of La Rambla, I noticed a sign which warned people against not using proper toilet facilities.

When taking the tube from Victoria Station to Paddington Station, I noticed a signboard warning against cheats without valid Oyster cards.

After our nice lunch of Roast Duck and dim sum at Kam Tong Restaurant in Bayswater, Soh Wah and I decided to take a walk along Hyde Park. I noticed a signboard which severely warned against allowing dogs to damage trees in the park via urination.

I guess human beings are almost the same everywhere. If some people can get off with bad habits and dishonesty, they will try their luck. So if some tourists say, "Wow! Singapore is such a fine city!" Smile and say, "Your city may be just as fine!?.... :-)

Gan Cao

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