Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Bustling May Day!

As an agent, when others are enjoying their public holidays, I have to work. But little did I expect this May Day to be such a busy and bustling day!

I had advertised to market a unit in Pacific Mansion and Mirage Tower. I was surprised by the endless phone calls I received from buyers and agents. Right as early as 7.45a.m. I received a call enquiring about the properties. Another buyer called at 9.00a.m. and asked to view almost immediately. Since he was not someone good with directions, I met him at Mustaffa and brought him to view a few projects. My phone rang continuously and in all I had received 38 calls from interested investors for the two projects. While waiting for the bus, the private bus that plied between Plaza Singapura and Tiong Bharu Plaza came along and I hopped onto it as I could walk back to my home at Little India from Dhoby Ghaut. The bus was full and when we alighted, there was a long queue of shoppers waiting for the bus! There was a long queue for taxis too as shoppers armed with huge bags of shopping would probably find it inconvenient to take the bus or train.

As I was walking back, I saw that almost every restaurant and cafeteria was crowded with diners. In the open spaces at the shopping complexes, groups of youngsters were gathered together and enjoying their own entertainment. Many of them were smoking.....yes, smoking cigarettes that cost more than my favourite box of Ferrero
Rocher chocolates. For a moment I forgot all about the recession that was supposed to have hit home in Singapore.

"What recession?" I wondered, smiling and singing along as I walked. There was a spring in my steps as I thanked the Lord for His blessings on our little nation. I had the feeling that my client's unit at Pacific Mansion would be sold before the week ends and I was absolutely right.

As I was almost reaching home, I decided to drop by at Sheng Siong which was celebrating the store's opening ceremony at the newly retrofitted building, The Verge. It was very crowded and shoppers were given fans to commemorate the opening of The Verge. Sheng Siong also gave away balloons and ice cream to customers. I bought myself a little hanging plant grown in a lovely shell for $4.00 and bought my tenant, Jasmin, his favourite bottle of sparkling grape juice... a little reward for May Day!

On this May Day, I am reminded that I can work till my face turns blue, but unless the Lord builds the house, I build in vain; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman guards in vain. It is important to stay happy and healthy, and above all, to continue to have that little mustard seed of faith to help us stay positive and peaceful at all times.

Gan Chau

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