Saturday, May 09, 2009

I Can't Understand.......

I have advertised to sell a particular apartment for my client on a weekday, which is Thursday, because I had forgotten that Vesak Day is Saturday and not Friday. Hence, it was a Thursday when I put my advertisement in the Classified section of the Straits Times.

To my surprise, I received endless calls! I almost forgot it was a weekday. By the time I received my 49th call, I was almost out of breath. Ironically I had resigned from teaching because of the problems caused by too much exertion on the voice. Now as an agent, I have to also exercise a lot of my vocal chords, albeit, a little more quietly as I only have to speak into the phone. But even this makes me exhausted. Which is why I find that I no longer have the inclination to talk when I am in a social gathering. Perhaps next time, I will play a recording of the details of the properties and when clients call me and ask for information, I will speak to them on salient points and play the recording to them. I wonder why potential purchasers often ask me for information which already have been put in the advertisement. It is very exhausting to repeat myself the same information some 30 to 40 times a day.
Nevertheless, despite everything, I love and enjoy my work as a real estate agent, and always feel happy when my clients make good of the properties I have recommended them.

I have never studied economics and I guess it will be difficult for me to comprehend economics. I dislike numbers and graphs. On the one hand, my two tenants from India who are IT specialists from a huge American firm had been retrenched, and I read of other retrenchments too, and yet people are snapping up properties as if they were in a game of monopoly! Youngsters continue to smoke as if a stick of cigarette were the cost of a packet of tissue papers.! Shops are filled with customers who do not bat an eye lid paying $2,000 for a branded bag, and the restaurants are often full of people who seem to have bottomless pits in their stomachs.

What recession? Are we having one? I can't understand......

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