Thursday, May 21, 2009

Drama in Real Life!





I always go to the Polyclinic to get my usual supply of tablets for mild high blood pressure. As I was waiting for my number to be called at the Polyclinic, suddenly I received a call from a potential buyer who had responded to my advertisement for a condominium in the city. As he told me he was leaving Singapore for Jakarta in the evening and had limited time to view properties, I decided to give him priority and left the clinic without seeing the doctor. I thought he was an Indonesian who was interested to purchase a property in Singapore.

However, when the buyer came with his wife, I found out that they are Singaporeans. I greeted them in Hindi, much to their pleasant surprise. The gentleman introduced himself as a lawyer and he immediately put down 1 per cent for the option to purchase.

However, my co-breaking agent, Wong, had difficulty locating his client to pass over the cheque. Wong's client told him that he was having lunch with some government officials and would only be free to meet up for tea. To our surprise, he refused to accept the cheque, saying that he must discuss with his wife who was coming back the following day after her holidays in Europe. He asked for a few days to consider, and we relayed the information to the buyer accordingly. At the end, he turned down the offer, as he felt property prices were going up. I was somewhat taken aback by the anger of the buyer when I told him that his offer was rejected, and he used quite abusive language, so unbecoming of someone who is supposed to practise law.! Then I received an sms, accusing me of telling lies and creating so much Chinese drama. I told the client that as an ex-English teacher, foul language is an ear-sore, and that as agents, we could only act on behalf of clients. If what had transpired appeared like Chinese drama, it paled in comparison with the wonderful dramas I encountered in my favourite Hindi movies, eg. Haathi Mere Sathi, Lagaan, Rabne Bana Di Jodi and Ghajini, just to name a few. I just love the wonderful plots, music and dancing that we often encounter in Indian movies!
Since my adolescence, I had always enjoyed Hindi and Tamil movies! Apart from my wonderful Indian friends, it is also through these movies that I had picked up some Hindi and Tamil phrases. When you listen to something long enough, it gets imprinted in your memory.

Now, if I were not out of the home on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, I would tune in to Vasantham or Zee Channels for some Hindi movies on television.

Old Willy (William Shakespeare) was absolutely right when he said that the world is a stage and we are all, but actors and actresses on this stage of life! What role would you like to play? I certainly want to be the simple, happy, contented and cheerful "actress" in real life! I will never allow anyone or circumstances to rob me of my joy. Failure or success......I take them all in my stride.! I can only do my best; God has to do the rest.

Gan Chau
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