Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Excuse Me, Are You a Property Agent? (2)

Property Description:

I am looking to : Buy
Preferred District : 20
First Choice Location : Yio Chu Kang Road
Second Choice Location : Ang Mo Kio
Third Choice Location : Hougang
Property Type : Landed Property
No of Rooms : 5

Remarks : Only 999 years & freehold will be considered if > SGD1.0 m.

The above is an almost typical request I often get from enquiries at a computer website. Either the person is feigning igorance or he hopes to work some magic with some equally ignorant agent or seller. 99 year leashold terrace houses are already selling for around $1,100,000.00!

I once told a client that someone had actually offered him $1.5M for his condominium in the River Valley area. He replied, "Ask him to buy from his father. If $1.4M, buy from his grandfather!" Mr. Tan roared. I smiled at his vehemance. As my client had offered him $1.65M, he said he would ask his wife. He rejected the cheque, and another one that was offered to him at $1.75M and finally closed at $1.78M only because he became interested in another new project and wanted to let go of some units. Morever, the market has already picked up tremendously.

If buyers were unrealistic, they would continually miss the boats There are some buyers who for some reason or other, are perpetually behind time in their update of properties and insist on their offer of pricing! At the end they wonder why their counterparts have moved on to bigger and bigger properties, while they still remain in their present abode.

Gan Chau

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